Three Mental Shifts To Help You Overcome Writer’s Block: #TipTuesday

Three Mental Shifts To Help You Overcome Writer’s Block: #TipTuesday

I’ve just been through a horrendous writer’s block. I think it’s a combination of being sad, perhaps even depressed about not being where I want to be before my little one arrives, as well as not being as financially secure as I would have liked at this point. My husband is in flight school, and a lot is on my shoulders right now. We’re ok, but I just have been in a blah mood.

But this is the sucky part about going through writer’s block right now. Having writer’s block is the primary reason I’m not making more money. I’m a writer. I have to make money via writing. If I don’t write, I don’t eat.

So after moping for about two, going on three months, shame on me, I remembered something that my good friend, writer coach, Linda Sasha, Sash for short told me. I have to practice micro movements. I loved this idea, but never thought I would need it. I was too ambitious to need micro-movements, in my mind.

In case  you didn’t know what a micro-movement is (like I didn’t know), a micro-movement is basically a baby step. So instead of writing your brilliant 12 volume fantasy series, you would start off just by sitting down at the keyboard and placing your fingers on the keyboard to get into the habit of writing or sitting down at your desk everyday at teh same time to get into the habit of writing again. As I began my own micro-movements, I thought about the mental shifts I was speaking into my life in order to overcome this writer’s block. Here they go.


  1. Be an ABC writer. –I have to be a butt to chair writer. The allure of working from home is also my greatest downfall. I have to treat my business like a job. I need to be in my chair by 9 everyday. For those of you, who can’t get out the house, if you have to get out the house, that’s what you need to do. Get out the house, but treat it like your job. Be there at a designated time. Being a writer is an exercise in discipline. An ABC writer is A Butt to Chair Writer. Be one!
  2. Take pressure off yourself.-I’m such as entrepreneur in that I always have great ideas, but I need help executing. Instead of me getting overwhelmed by my huge goals, I take the pressure off myself and just focus on the main tasks I have for the day. I like to think of being a successful authorpreneur as being a rolling snowball. Your success will come when the actions you take everyday began to pile up and come together. But you have to do baby steps everyday. 
  3. Focus on your daily three tasks.- What three things do you need to do today? One of the scariest things about being an authorpreneur is that you cannot control if others buy your products or not. But what you can control is if you are doing your three things a day that will help you get to that rolling snowball of success. What three things are you doing today? If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. Trust me.

It’s being slightly difficult to get back into the saddle and ride,but I’m slowly getting there. What three steps do you have that are helping you get to where you need to get? I’d love to hear them.

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