The Best Pair of Maternity Jeans

The Best Pair of Maternity Jeans

Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome maternity jeans are? 

One of the best things about being pregnant is maternity jeans.

I CANNOT believe that throughout my life, these awesome, wonderful works of God have been kept from me.

Lookit, maternity jeans are basically leggings with spandex that goes over your belly. The spandex  grows with your growing belly as your pregnancy progress.

When my mom and I went maternity shopping and she picked them out, I was not trying to try them on. But when I did, I was floored. As I slid the soft cotton over my newly thickened thighs, I could not believe my eyes.

These mugs are the bomb. I bought a nice pair in black and put them on as soon as I got home. (Don’t judge, I didn’t even wash them.) A few other discoveries about maternity jeans.

  1. They make you look skinnier. When my husband saw me in them, he told me that I didn’t even look pregnant anymore. Granted, I’m not that big anyway (as of yet), but these jeans instantly slimmed me.
  2. These would be the perfect jeans for being bloated. On those days when I didn’t have a flat stomach, I would consider wearing them after the baby.
  3. I used them for pajamas that one time. My husband has to wake me up and tell me to change. They were so comfortable and soft and hugged my burgeoning bump so well that I just slept with them on, and it was awesome!

I bought the BellaVida brand from Ross. They are reasonable at $10-$15 per pair and come in various jean styles and classic colors such as black and khaki.

I definitely suggest buying a pair whether you’re pregnant or not, male or female. They will change your life!

Thanks for reading!

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