My Favorite New Top Secret Use of Coconut Oil

My Favorite New Top Secret Use of Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil. My favorite brand is from Aldi grocery store. And my favorite, new top secret use of coconut oil, (well not anymore) is I love to use it on my now sore pregnancy nipples.

Look, I always wanted to have bigger breasts, and being pregnant has given me my wish. I had sizeable ones before, and they are now only getting bigger. Ouch.

My breasts are now sooo sore and they hurt all the time, especially my nipples. However, after doing some research online, instead of lanolin, I can use the natural coconut oil in it’s place.

Since I’m already using coconut oil to help with removing stretch marks, on my hair, keeping my skin supple, and

sometimes as a lubricant (hehehe), I have no choice but to use it on my nips.

And babbby, it’s been wonderful. I highly recommend that you try it if you’re going through pregnant nipples like me.

If you don’t want to leave the house, here’s one big vat you can order online.



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