What is a #BossWriter?

The #BossWriter Manifesto

  • A#BossWriter is a writer about their business. They know who their literary parents are and honor them by contributing to the word tradition. A #BossWriter has a room of their own and makes money in it by being a butt-to-chair writer.

  • A #BossWriter embodies the slogan of making writing and dollars synonymous.

  • A #BossWriter does what they want with their writing style. They know about conventions, but submits to their personal style.

  • A #BossWriter does not need to be coddled by awards and praise. They will write no matter who is reading. They do not depend on their publishing house, agent, fans, or mama to validate their talent or success.

  • A #BossWriter knows the only person in charge of their career is themselves and takes pride in becoming the writer they want to be. Come joy or pain, a #BossWriter reveres their craft and practices the utmost professionalism to create a sustainable lifestyle for themselves through the written word.