Three Reasons My Kickstarter Campaign Failed

I’m not a big fan of Kickstarter.

As an authorpreneur, I want my to run my company like a small business, so crowdsourcing has never been appealing to me.

Yes, I know publishing companies use Kickstarter successfully, but I have a major aversion to it.

Because I know a looott of artists, I get bombarded with crowdfunding invitations all the time to fund this and that using Kickstarter. Smh.



Despite my aversion to adding to the Kickstarter noise, I ran a Kickstarter for my short-lived book, “Why I Didn’t Marry This Jerk.” In case you can’t tell, it failed, and here are the three main reasons why.

  1. I didn’t promote my campaign. – I just created a Kickstarter campaign, but I didn’t promote it. I didn’t even use the people in my network! Needless to say, the Kickstarter campaign didn’t work. Lesson Learned: Promote your work from you network and let them spread the work for you.
  2. My book wasn’t ready. I tried to crowdfund a book that wasn’t ready. I was too prideful as the time to admit, but the book and illustrations needed another round of serious editing and beta reading. So I guess it was a good thing that it didn’t hit. Lesson learned: Make sure your book is ready before you promote it.
  3. I just wasn’t that much into Kickstarter. Because I wasn’t passionate about Kickstarter, I didn’t want to use it. Lesson Learned: If you don’t want to use a marketing platform, no matter how popular it is, you will fail because your lack of interest.

What may seem like common sense wasn’t common sense to me at the time. Now that I know better, I do better. My motivation for writing this post is to share mistakes I made when I first became an indie.

I think Kickstarter is great for people who are passionate about it and promote their campaigns. I know many people have success using Kickstarter, and more power to you. Maybe one day I will try again, but I seriously doubt it.

However, my Kickstarter wasn’t a total fail because I’ve been able to share what I learned with you. For those who have had success with Kickstarter, what are some of your best Kickstarter tips for those who want to use it?

Thanks for reading!


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