Peace, Love, and Cupcakes #KidLIt Review

peaceloveandcupcakes book review(Each book review from examines the graphics (cover and picture), plot (including the ending), diversity, themes, and overall kidability. By kidability, I mean would my liberal-arts educated, at times bougie, social-justice-seeking self recommend this book to other people? Note, spoilers are included.)

I was first attracted to this book because it’s about cupcakes. And who doesn’t like cupcakes? This review covers my thoughts about the series as a whole.


The pastel images are just so fitting for this book because it’s about light and fluffy cupcakes. However, depending on your preference, be warned that the cover gives off a very ‘girly.’ There are no graphics in this book.

General Plot

I like this series because I like cupcakes. Written by a mother and daughter, the series features the different stories of the young girls in the Peace, Love, and Cupcakes Club. Each characters has issues they are facing, such as parents remarrying, financial difficulty, learning disabilities, crushes, and handling life transitions. I like the diversity of the characters’ experiences.


The book handles the struggles of the different characters in a very ‘responsible’ way. The characters seem pretty straight-laced even though they are dealing with the issues. I have a bias towards mischievious characters, but I didn’t find that in this series.


These books are great to explore issues about divcore, moving and transition, and even entrepreneurship.


The books seems very girly and tidy. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but it’s a very safe series. There are also recipes in the back. I recommend the series for the recipes in the back.


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