The Non-Designer’s Design Book: A G.C. Denwiddie Book Review

The Non-Designer’s Design Book: A G.C. Denwiddie Book Review


I love this book because Robin Williams empowers people who have no professional training understanding of graphic design to become fledgling graphic designers.

How does she do this?

She equips graphic design beginners with the knowledge of graphic design principles.

In the first part of the book, Williams sets the tone for excellence. She expects readers to dig into graphic design jargon with an easy to understand acronym, CRAP, which stands for contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.

This book is great for people who want to be bloggers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, or anything dealing with visual aesthetics.

Williams gives practical examples of the terminology used, as well as, activities for us to try out the new knowledge.

The second part of the book goes into the specifics of typography.

She continues that with her same format of breaking down the theory, showcasing practical examples, and then giving readers examples with which to practice their new knowledge. 

This book isn’t too difficult to understand and she doesn’t overwhelm you with the information.

Ms.Williams also does a grand job of designing the book that it’s appealing to a beginner.

This book is an easy way to understand design principles, and has been extremely helpful in my #BossWriter and blogging journey.

I highly recommend it.

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