Addicted By Zane: A G.C. Denwiddie Book Review

Addicted By Zane: A G.C. Denwiddie Book Review

I was underwhelmed.

And I don’t think it’s Zane’s fault. I think it speaks much more to how much sexuality has changed publicly since 1998 when the book was first published until now. When this book was written, Addicted was definitely a guilty pleasure; however, with everything in your face now, if Addicted was published this year, it would definitely need to be more freaky deaky.

Nonetheless, Addicted changed the game, and I will forever love Zane for that. There would be no 50 Shades of Grey without Zane’s Addicted.


The cover with a man’s tie is appealing. It peaked my interest. I wanted to know why the tie was on the cover if it’s a story about a woman? But then I wondered why not just have an unapologetic sexy black woman on the cover? But then I remember Zoe is a ‘buttoned-up’ set addict, and I like the cover again (but why not a smartly dressed woman on the cover that’s still ‘buttoned-up’).


Zoe Reynard is married to her high school sweetheart. They have a beautiful home, and children, but she is unsatisfied with their sex life. Thus Zoe becomes addicted to sex. Technically, in the story or based on what Zoe tells us, she only has sex with three people other than her husband.

One could argue is Zoe really addicted to sex or just unhappy with her sex life and sexing other people to please her desires? I digress.

Anywho, Zoe meets with a psychiatrist who helps her overcome her issues. And through telling her story, readers and Zoe  discover the reasons behind her addiction.

Ultimately, Zoe is able to overcome her addiction, not without a murder and a few Tyler Perry-ish leaps in the plot.

Addicted keeps you entertained.

If I was paying more attention I could have saw the end coming, but I think Zane did a good job of using my smartness against me! Zane does give you clues along the way about how the story is going to end.

I was satisfied, and in the end, everything comes full circle.

Best Scene

When her husband checks the secretary. That’s what I’m talking about hubby.

My Thoughts

I wanted to smack Zoe. She was upset because her husband didn’t want to get his freak on. I felt all of this could have been avoided had she gotten a little head communicated with her husband about her needs.

If you want smut, I think you can find nastier stuff on Smashwords. Addicted pales in comparison. For instance, Zane mention oral sex, but we don’t get vivid scene descriptions.

But again, I think when Addicted was written it was revolutionary for a black woman, like Zoe, to come out and say what she wanted sexually, and I can appreciate the book for that.

  • Zoe and her husband’s cute saying they always tell each other was corny (but cute). We get it. 
  • I love the black-isms Zane uses when writing, like on pg 27.
  • I love that the center of this story is an unapologetic black man and black woman who stick it out and overcomes the struggles they face in their marriage.

What I ultimately love about this book is how Zane hustled her way to the top because her (a movie and becoming an imprint of a larger publisher) audience embraced her writing.

In the beginning, Zane shouts her audience out, and I want to shout  Zane out for her accomplishment.

Zane was an authopreneur, and set the stage for burgeoning #BossWriters like me. I’ll forever be grateful.

Thanks Zane!
For more info about Addicted, check it out here.

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