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Before you begin your book you should think about workshops you can create using your book as the primary text. By workshop I mean, a day-long or few-hour seminar, where you can offer your book as part of the ticket price and display your expertise. Workshops are lucrative income stream to add to your income as an authorpreneur.

Once you come up with a workshop, you can sell the workshop on your online store, book speaking gigs with it, or partner with other people. The best thing about having a book is with your workshop is, if someone doesn’t want to pay your speaking fee, they can pay in books.

Stuck on workshop ideas?

Here are few ideas to help you get started. And mind you, the titles are generic. As an author, I’m sure you can make the titles juicier.


Title Idea : Enter the Mind Of [Your Main Character Or Other Captivating Character]

If your character has a charming or deplorable personality, create a workshop exploring this character in more detail. At the workshop, go into their backstory and their quirks because people seem to love character they really like or really hate. You can also create a workshop about, ‘How to create {The Adjective} Characters Here. You can explore main characters, stock characters, villians, etc.

Title Idea: Behind The Writing process of [Your Book Title]

In this workshop. you can go behind the scenes of your book. Discuss what you could have could have done differently when writing the book, your victories, or your defeat.This workshop would be perfect for aspiring fiction writers.

Title Idea: [Your Book Title] Fan Fiction Club

Host a writing workshop for people of any writing level where people can add to your book, explore characters’ backstories, or take your book in a totally new direction. At the end, people can share what they have written or even give an award for the best fan fiction based on a vote of the audience.

When exploring workshop ideas for fiction (and nonfiction books,) think about the major themes of your book and spin a workshop idea from your book’s theme. What types of nonprofits, businesses, or groups will be interested in those things?  Are your books about bullying or high self-esteem? Spin your topic around any major theme in your book. This technique can also apply to non-fiction books.


The best thing about nonffiction books are that they already have a built-in workshop around your topic.

Title Idea: A Deeper Look Into [Your Book’s Title or Topic]

Add more insight to your book’s topic by revealing facts and info that wasn’t included in the book.

Title Idea: How To Write A Nonfiction Book

You’ve done it. Now teach others what you’ve learned along the way

Title Idea: What [Your Book Title] Explains That {Rival Book Title} Overlooks or Why [Your Book Title] is More [Adjective] Than [Rival Book Title]

Is there a popular book that explores the same topic as you? Consider hosting a workshop that explains why your book is different than the popular book. In the workshop, explain the main differences and why yours is the better option. The workshop will attract people that are interested in both and will allow them to make their own conclusions about which book is best.

Other things to consider when hosting a workshop.

  • We all know people loooovvvee food. Look at a partnering with local sponsors to see if you can secure food at a cheap price or free.
  • When in the initial stages of brainstorming for your book, also brainstorm potential workshop ideas so you can market the workshops as well as the book in your press release and subsequent marketing efforts.
  • If you’re stuck on what workshop to host, create a survey asking people what they would like to learn more about or what interested them the most in your book using pen and pager, Google Forms, or survey monkey. When the survey results are in, create a workshop around the winner and pitch the the workshop to the people who contributed to the survey.
  • Be sure to add templates or work pages for added value for your participants to help them love the workshop more and have a takeaway.

These is my brief thoughts on how to create a workshop.

What are other suggestions you may have on creating workshops around your book?


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