Five Networking Tips For Authorpreneurs

Five Networking Tips For Authorpreneurs

We all networking is the new hustle! We also know that we need to network, whether you want to or not. So go ahead and etch out time in your planner for networking, which can offer great rewards for your authorpreneur business. 

Here are five great networking tips using the network you have and to turn your network into bucks for your business.

1) Offer discounts for word of mouth recommendations. – Send a text to your friends and family. Let them know if they give you three names, you’ll give them a discount on your book. You could also offer a cash referral award.

2) Take it back.-  Make a list of fifty names and spend a weekend calling that list offering your latest book and/ or book relates services.

3) Use Google+! –I love Google + because it’s super focused and contributes to finding focused leads. Use the search function to find focused groups who can benefit from your book and/or expertise.

4) Use MeetUp Groups.- MeetUp groups are also a very focused way to find leads and make friends. Don’t be shy! Join a MeetUp group, one, or two, and meet great friends and future book buyers at the same time.

5) Ask – Ask a fellow blogger, friends, or family to send an email about your book to their list. Remember, ssk and ye shall receive.

As usual, thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your great #BossWriter networking tips below. Please share. Cheers!

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