Painless Editing Service

indie publishing

Your choice of 1 type of edit up to 300 Pages. Choose from the following…

  • Developmental Editing

    I look at your book holistically and suggest what’s working with your manuscript and what’s not working with your manuscript. I give you detailed suggestions about how to fix your problem areas in a tactful way.

  • Line Editing

    I go through line by line of your baby and highlight grammar, syntax, and spelling mistakes.

  • Proofreading /Beta Reading Edit

    In this edit, I use a reader’s response approach where I literally express my reactions to the text and point out obvious spelling, syntax, and grammar errors.

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About Me

  • Master’s in Creative Writing

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Extensive editing experience of diverse genres such as Kid Lit, Romance, Erotica, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Chick Lit, and Christian to name a few

  • Familiar with the indie publishing process

  • A proponent of authors making dollars and writing synonymous!

  • I make you a better writer.

Custom needs can be discussed via email at Email today! I look forward to it.

*Payment will be made to Denwit Enterprises.