Authopreneur Illustration Hacks For People Who Can’t Draw

Authopreneur Illustration Hacks For People Who Can’t Draw

So I can draw a little bit, but I’m not a professional.

Every one knows that if you indie publish, you need to have professional level work. So I’ve worked with professionals, and they’ve been awesome.

But deep down, I’ve always wanted to draw and illustrate my own work, which happens to be a goal of mine this year. (Watch out June 2016!)

So what does a semi-drawer do?

Go to Google!

I found two awesome tutorials to help you get started. These methods are especially useful for people who cannot draw a circle.

The first tutorial uses a method I didn’t even know about – Powerpoint!

Then the next tutorial uses a similar method, but with pencil and paper. Click on the link below.

DIY Tutorial for People With No Drawing Skills

Of course, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals, but I’m stubborn adventurous like that. I’m excited to see the final product, and if you’re brave like me, why not give it a try?!

When the Headband Bunch relaunches in June, you’ll see if it was a success or not. 🙂 Sign up here for updates.

Thanks for reading.


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