Earn Extra Money

Earn Extra Money


Five Ways To Earn Extra Money

As an authorpreneur, I know what it feels like to need to make a few extra bucks. Maybe you need it to pay a bill or fund a side project, no matter the reason, I know you need that guap.

I also know when you Google ‘ways to make money,’ the same options often pop-up  in the search results over and over again.

However with these 5 quick, money-making ideas, I hope to bring attention to a few ideas that you can implement quickly and earn a few extra bucks.

  1. Kitchen Co-Working Space – If you’re like me, working in the coffee shop isn’t always the best way to be productive. It’s easy to get distracted and spend more money by buying expensive coffee. However, there is a desire to be out of the house and be productive for many entrepreneurs and creatives. With this awesome idea, you meet the need of working from home, providing companionship, and helping people save money by offering your kitchen table as a co-working space. Advertise within in your circle and provide your coworkers with printing, coffee, tea, and water, and the overall perfect environment to help them be productive. This idea is a cheaper option than renting out an office for interested person and is a definite win-win for you and your customers.
  2. Cut That Budget Service – For those of you who have a knack for cutting costs, this is a no-brainer. Help your friends and family cut down their business costs with your recommendations. You can choose to specialize in cutting down cell phone costs or insurance costs or costs all around on their budget. The choice is yours, and it will be extremely easy to convince people to hire you. After all, who doesn’t way to save more money?
  3. Insurance Gig – This gig is too easy to be true. I’m sure we all know someone that works in the insurance industry. I’m sure we also know entrepreneurs who don’t have their business covered by insurance and/or have health insurance. With this easy money idea, you simply ask your insurance connect if they offer a referral fee. If they do, you simply pass interested persons to them and make money passively. Great insurance gigs to look at are life, health, and business insurance.
  4. Test Apps – If you have smart phone, put it to use, by testing out mobile apps on your phone and/or computer. Check out this site: https://www.usertesting.com/product/mobile-application-testing. The instructions to get signed up are rather easy to use, and it’s a great way to make extra money in your spare time. Tests are only 20 minutes, and it’s $10 per test. That can add up!
  5. Plan Holiday Trips– With the summer holiday fast approaching, people don’t have time to search for cheap summer vacation options trips. Save your future customers time by planning a summer vacation for them. You can keep an eye on the latest flight sale and/or  find cheap housing for them on Airbnb or another lodge-sharing site. This is a quick way to make extra money. You can add extra goodies like car rental prices and looking up fun things to do in the city they’re visiting.

And there you have it – five, quick ideas to make extra money.  What are some of your best ideas for making extra money to help fund your projects?

Thanks for reading!


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