What is Draft 2 Digital? Hint, Move Over Smashwords.

What is Draft 2 Digital? Hint, Move Over Smashwords.

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Do you have a book you want to upload, but don’t have any money for formatting? I think your prayers have been answered!

Check out Draft2Digital, a one-stop shop for publishing and distributing your ebook. The way Draft 2 Digital works is simple.

  • You upload your book to their site, choose your distribution outlets and price, and they’ll format your book for you.
  • You can use your ISBN or provide your own. Press publish, and they do all the heavy lifting of formatting your book.
  • They charge 10 percent of your profits, and you keep all your rights.

Draft 2 Digital seems like a promising solution as an ebook publishing formation, and they also offer an on-demand printing solution!

A major difference between Draft 2 Digital and Smashwords is Draft 2 Digital doesn’t have as many distributors as Smashwords, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. You should be publishing on both anyway.

I love the ease of use to upload your book to this platform (without out having to pass Smashwords’ grimy Meatgrinder), and I highly recommend that you check Draft 2 Digital out for yourself.

Learn more here: https://draft2digital.com/

Now, I like Smashwords. I have books that sell really well on there. I’m excited that Draft 2 Digital is fighting for a piece of the indie publishing platform pie because ultimately indie publishers. Why? More competition means better features on platforms that will help authorpreneurs save time and make more money.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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