Ode To My Google Chromebook: #BossWriterTech

Ode To My Google Chromebook: #BossWriterTech

My Google Chromebook is on its last legs, and I’m about to lose my mind. I want to cry. This baby has been with me for about 4, going on 5 years. While I want a Mac book, I just wanted to give an ode to how awesome my Chromebook has been.

    1. It’s so small and light to fit into my purse. The lightness doesn’t take away from all the other mess I want to keep in my purse. After all, I like to travel as light as possible.
    2. I’ve become a true believer of working in the cloud. Since I use Google Drive so much, my Chromebook has been the perfect addition to add to my stable of tech tools that are helping me grow my business into becoming location independent.
    3. It’s durable. I’ve dropped this bad boy multiple times. You know one of those drops that makes you think you’ve cracked your cell phone screen, except I’ve done this multiple times to my Chromebook, and it has survived. But I think this last drop has done it in.
    4. It doesn’t get any viruses. While I complain about the lack of the Chrome web store having some plugins, I can proudly say that my Chromebook has never been plagued with viruses. This has been so awesome in saving me software costs when it’s been time to get virus protection.
    5. It makes me feel cool and entrepreneurial. You can’t underestimate how your cool your tech tools can make you feel. When I go to a co-working space or coffee shop, I feel like I look the part, and my Chromebook has helped me.
Check out this Chromebook here.

While Google’s privacy settings can be problematic,  there is not doubt that I have enjoyed my Chromebook. Chromebook lovers, what else do you love about your Chromebook?

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