Moving Like a #BossWriter: A Reflection

Moving Like a #BossWriter: A Reflection

Moving is the devil. I hate it.

I’m the type of mover that will throw things in the middle of a comforter and make a hobo bag, then throw it in the trunk of my car.

I don’t wish packing on my worse enemy.

Most of my friends know not to ask me to help them pack because I will politely decline. In return, I don’t ask for help when I move either. I leave it up to the professionals, like my family members who love to pack.

However, this last time as my husband and I prepared to move to The Sunshine State, I made the mistake of thinking I could move by myself while maintaining a writer schedule. (Really, my mom was an hour and 30 minutes away.)

In my brain I thought I could do it, but in real life, the packing, moving, and writing didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked.

Thankfully, everything in life that is good isn’t good, and everything that is bad isn’t bad. I learned a few great lessons to help me the next time I move, and I think these tips can help anyone who’s moving as well.

  1. Pack a little everyday. -I had the perfect plan, but it didn’t turn out that way. I packed some, but then I stopped. So I ended up delaying my move date by 2 hours because I didn’t pack enough everyday.
  2. Declutter – My favorite part about packing is I get to throw things away. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to accumulate things and rediscover them when you pack. Moving is the perfect time to declutter and give things to people who will actually need it, all the while getting tax deductions if you give your unused items to Goodwill.
  3. Outsource – I fell behind on my to-do list, and I think moving is a great time to play around with outsourcing. Since your energy is focused on making sure you get everything together, let go a little and hire someone to help you with those tasks that suck up valuable time from packing.
  4. Reset and Reflect – I admit. I got a little emotional on this move. I reflected and laughed about all the great memories and dumb mistakes in Nashville. (I even shed a few tears.) As I taped those boxes together, I refocused on the goals I wanted to accomplish by my next move.
  5. Get rid of your long to-do list – The reflective period of moving provide the perfect time to get rid of my to-do list. To-do lists can sometimes be overwhelming. As I refocused on starting a new life, I had to be very laser focused and strategic on what tasks I needed to accomplish before I packed. My main priority was writing then maybe an administrative task or two. Moving forced me to finish the one or two tasks I needed to do for the day before I gave my energy towards moving.

I thought I wasn’t going to make it packing a one bedroom, one bath by myself, but I’m proud to say I did. lol. (Yeah, I’m a novice mover.)

One great thing about life is that you are always learning. This move taught me a lot about myself and how I plan to proceed in the future.

I wanted to share my thoughts, and I hope these tips help make your next move swift and smooth.

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See you in the next post. Cheers!

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