50 #Book Marketing Ideas

50 #Book Marketing Ideas

50 #BossWriter Marketing Ideas

50 Awesome Marketing Ideas!

  1. Ask your server to give someone a flyer about your book the next time you dine out.
  2. Host a pop-up book stand at a popular tourist destination.
  3. Write your book’s name on the bottom of a pair of basketball shorts. Wear them.
  4. Target missionary groups to see if they’d like to purchase books in bulk for voluntourism.
  5. Create a cell phone case with your book’s name on it.
  6. See if you can sponsor a local happy hour.
  7. Set up a lemonade-and-book stand at a gas station.
  8. Tweet a famous celebrity about your book.
  9. For authors, think of your main character’s fashion style. Partner with a local boutique that sells a similar style who would be willing to promote your book.
  10. See if you can sponsor an ice cream flavor at a local ice cream shop.
  11. Paint your book’s info on the side of your face with face paint.
  12. Put flyers about your book in similar books at a bookstore or library.
  13. Create your own affiliate program.
  14. Partner with a local takeout to put flyers about your book in their take-out meals.
  15. Find a business who will sponsor an entire classroom by purchasing your books for the students.
  16. Pair flyers about your book with homemade baked goods.
  17. Sell your books outside a coffee shop.
  18. Partner with a travel sales agent to curate a vacation book reading list.
  19. Support a non-profit by offering your book to sell as a fundraiser and split the profits.
  20. Leave flyers at a spa or salon.
  21. Post a picture of your book with a hat on it on Instagram.
  22. Pass out flyers at a continental breakfast in a hotel.
  23. Partner with someone who has written a similar book for a double promotion.
  24. Find a Meetup group that would benefit from your book and arrange an author’s corner at their next meeting.
  25. Use MyBookTable App.
  26. Pair your book with other similar books on Amazon in a blog post.
  27. Set up a stand outside an elementary, middle, high school or college graduation.
  28. Design a decal about your book for the bumper of your car.
  29. Post a video of you reading a scene from your book.
  30. Have a contest about designing your next book cover.
  31. Partner with a musician to create a book soundtrack to sell along with your book.
  32. Promote your book outside Goodwill Super Saturday during the first weekend of the month.
  33. Pass out flyers about your book at a McDonald’s play pen.
  34. If you host a giveaway, post an ad on Craigslist in the ‘free things’ section.
  35. Tape a sign on the back of your shirt advertising your book.
  36. Pass out flyers about your book at a doctor’s or dentist’s office.
  37. Host an author’s bunch for members at a local church.
  38. Offer your speaking services to a school graduation.
  39. Make a tote or man purse with your books info on it.
  40. Start a chain text advertising your book.
  41. Create a mixtape of your book’s soundtrack, and email it to your list.
  42. Do a one-person scene from your book to post on YouTube.
  43. Put flyers of your book on cars of people parked in a movie parking lot.
  44. Volunteer to read your book at a hospital or nursing home.
  45. Carry around balloons with your book’s title written on them.
  46. Pass out flyers outside a tattoo parlor.
  47. Create keychains out of buttons with your book’s info on it.
  48. Ask people do they want to take a picture with an author to post on their social media.
  49. Create a necklace with a pendant that advertises your book’s information.
  50. Tape a flyer about your book to a gas station pump.

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