Black Soap Review: #BossWriter Beauty

Black Soap Review: #BossWriter Beauty

As the second and final installment of my black soap review, I’m going to review three different black soaps, Ambi Black Soap, Nina International Black Soap, and Ra Cosmetics Black Soap (Mango Scent), respectively.

Ambi Black Soap


(Picture Credit: My Crazy World of Beauty)

Based on the ingredients, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t going to be black soap. (What is black soap?) However, I wanted to try this black soap anyway because of the favorable reviews about Ambi black soap.

My main issue with this soap is, it isn’t black soap. It uses a lot of artificial ingredients and is dyed black, which can stain towels and the bath tub.

Ambi black soap smells nice, and I felt like this soap was your typical fragrance soap. My skin didn’t break out as a result of using it, but I didn’t see a major difference either.

I do not recommend this soap if you’re looking for genuine black soap.


Nina International Black Soap


I bought black soap from Gateway to Africa in Nashville.

I liked it because it was a huge chunk that I was able to roll into small balls. (I bought a bigger version than this, but my picture disappeared on my old phone, and I didn’t back it up.)

Since I moved to Florida, I had to give the rest of my big chunk away to a worthy neighbor, but this Nina International Black Soap, is the real deal!

It has a nice earthy smell, and you can tell it was made from natural ingredients. The paper (mine came in) was wrapped in brown paper with the Nina logo stuck on the front. The brown paper seemed a little inconvenient because I had to be careful not to tear it. I also made sure to keep this black soap in a cool place, because it could dry out, and dry black soap is more difficult to break apart if you want to use a smaller quantity instead of the huge chunk.

I have oily combination skin, so I didn’t feel like my skin totally dried out after using this soap.

This soap is great to use and for the price, it was worth it. My only complaint is this black soap is not easy to order online from their store, but if you want a traditional black soap, this is a winner.

Ra Cosmetics Black Soap (Mango Scent)


Out of all the black soaps, Ra Cosmetics Black Soap (Mango scent), is my favorite.


It feels smoother than the Nina black because of the added essential oils. It comes wrapped tightly in plastic, which prevents it from drying out. (I think this was wrapped at least 10 times.)


I liked the way my skin felt after I used it. I also liked the fact that it had different frangrances that you can try out if you don’t like the earthy black soap smell.

A potential deal breaker is the price. It’s about $4 for a bar, but I got mine for $3 on sale at the Chinese store. Overtime, the price for this soap could add up, but it does have essential oils added so I can justify the price and recommend this product.

Overall, I wanted to use black soaps to try to even out my skin tone, and I don’t think my skin evened as quickly as I would have liked (yeah, I’m impatient.smh). I think the results were also because I spent more time in the sun, as well, via running errands, and this Florida sun is no joke!

Nevertheless, I liked the natural aspect of black soap and will continue to use it. I think if I stick to one and cover my skin properly when I go out, I’ll get the results I want.

Thanks for reading!

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